Green Tree Pythons
Green tree python
   Green Tree Python for Sale | Reptiles as Pets

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Green Tree Python For Sale and the Exotic Pet Allure

When you see a green tree python for sale, you should know that they are considered to be "exotic pets". Hollywood celebrities, popular and famous business icons such as Bill Gates and the like are known to have exotic pets, but perhaps the most famous celebrity to be incredibly fond of exotic pets is the late Michael Jackson. He owned quite a few pythons, and a couple of green tree pythons.


Reptile enthusiasts rave and express great satisfaction from raising and maintaining these relatively exotic animals. Like horticulturists with a treasured greenhouse full of creations of their own, many python owners compete and relish in the sort of so called cultivating that can be achieved with the animal. Like Westminster dog competitions, python owners compete about such characteristics as age, length, weight, character of the python's scaly skin-amongst other factors. But unlike dog breeders, python owners also enjoy the scientific dimension to raising and maintaining a python. The python is an animal typically found in the rain forest, and much can be learned about that sort of surrounding, by studying, keeping-especially keeping and maintaining its enclosed environment-the python in private quarters, as a private individual, as a residential pet. Being a reptile, the animal can sort of be appreciated as a plant in the way that the environment must be controlled and is, in fact, incredibly critical to the animal's survival-as is the case with a plant. Namely, the python's temperature is regulated by its environment.

Residential, Private Home Habitat

Pythons, like most exotic pets require a bit of capital and geographical resources (i.e. space) to house the animal or animals. Pythons aren't for the light or half hearted pet enthusiast. Maintaining a python carries significant challenges to you and the python itself.

When producing an enclosure for a python, ideally, you'd provide an environment that highly resembles their natural environment. This includes the space that they can discover and claim as their own, as well as the exact climate-from humidity, to temperature, to even varying weather; if you're so inclined you can attempt to recreate rainy and windy sort of situations in your enclosure. This approach is referred to as a vivarium approach to housing.


A general search for the animal on Google Shopping will yield a credible price range between $350 all the way up to $4,000.00. Of course, this is merely the cost of the animal itself. So as you can tell, the barrier to owning, maintaining, and properly raising a python is quite high, as the cost of its housing will likely cost an addition amount often 3 to 10 times its purchase price-just as an outlay. The maintenance is quite high as well, as devices and machines will need to be maintained in order to ensure proper regulation of the simulated weather and climate within the enclosure.
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